Is CMA USA suitable for mathematics student?


Is CMA USA suitable for mathematics student?

CMA(USA) is an advanced professional course that requires good analytical skill. Over a period, it is strangely observed that students with good mathematics back ground have better ability to quickly analyse numbers and interpret them.

No major benefit of commerce background: Though commerce background helps, its not of great help sue to a different exam pattern and depth of knowledge required. But being CA or Inter passed definitely helps.

Mathematics: CMA is majorly about analysis, strategy, decision making, financing which has a lot to do with numbers. A person with good mathematics knowledge can play better with numbers.

• What about other topics: If you knew everything then why would you need a coach. Great teachers not only add value but creates value. A non-finance background with basic knowledge of mathematics is enough for us to add enormous amount of value. Remember, CMA requires different approach and knowledge depth, and it’s easy to fill an empty glass.

• Passing percentage: It’s surprising, but it’s fact that many engineers from top colleges chooses MBA Finance later. The logic is simple, they have great mathematics to crack CAT, and amazing analytical skills required for quick analysis and decision making. Similarly, your background is not so significant as long you have been to the right teachers who takes YOURS SUCCESS SERIOUSLY.

• How do I choose the Right Teacher?: First, read reviews. Second, do the basic research to find if the reviews are genuine. If you still cannot decide, choose teachers who are not just CMA(USA) but also Chartered Accountants with at least five years of teaching experience. You will see the difference in the first class. A CA with CMA(USA) with good teaching experience is an amazing combination. The teacher would have excellent depth of knowledge and can address and handle your questions very effectively. Trust me, you will initially have 100’s of questions. And most important you will acquire great knowledge both with respect of Indian scenario and USA. This is extremely important in interviews to know about Indian rules and regulations, like Accounting Standard, Income Tax and GST, at least the basics.

• Don’t Go for Online Recorded Videos: Trust me, if you watch the most amazing movies, you still cannot watch it every day alone or with friends. You will drain out and lose interest. Movie is fun, but every day, would it be fun? Studying cannot be fun if you are watching on the screen. Who would answer your doubts? Class coordinator or a fresher CMA? Imagine a situation wherein your query is noted down and answered after a couple of days, because either the class coordinator is not experienced to answer, or the query had to be resolved by someone else at the back end.

• Don’t get mislead by Marketing: If the institute, faculty and trainers are good, it does need google ads to market them. That too Google ads for 365 days a year. If you are checking online and you see google ads every time you log in, there’s enormous marketing and not the credibility that’s working out there.

• Books do not do anything, teachers do: Again, this is a major gimmick. Just because one institute provides you with Wiley, Hock, Gleim or Becker, will it make any difference. Most institutes will just market themselves as OFFICIAL PARTNERS OR OFFICIAL BOOKS but will never open the book to teach. When they themselves do not teach from the book, what would YOU alone learn from the book Books cannot make you anything, trust me, each publisher mentioned above is extremely good. It’s awesome teachers who make the difference, not the books.

I hope you would now be able to make an honest decision about whom and how to choose. If you have any queries, you can reach out to Egytim Academy for further details.

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