5 Reasons Why to Become a Chartered Accountant

5 Reasons Why to Become a Chartered Accountant

One of the conventional commerce based job roles that emerged in the 1800s is chartered accountancy (CA). In India, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) an accounting body regulates the profession of Chartered Accountancy. At the global level, the ICAI stands as the second largest professional Accounting and Finance body.

The decision and beginning of a career in CA begins right after school that is, after passing the Class XIIth exam. Students of commerce stream aim for CA yet get confused looking at the growing demand of other contemporary courses like MBA, Company Secretary, Insurance and so on. For simplicity, here is stating five reasons how becoming a CA is a good career option looking from present industry standards: Mobility in the profession As doing the CA course will train with you with all aspect of commerce, you later switch your job role in this profession. Start as an accountant, gather your experience and you can become an entrepreneur tomorrow. Some CAs act as business advisory of large organizations which makes them play pivotal role in several business. CAs are welcome in all sectors, though being in business always has a challenging role here. International opportunities If looked at statistics, then out of 2 lakh alumnus of ICAI, 14% is placed and settled abroad. Exactly like India, in foreign markets the demand of CAs is at a rush and so the dream of a life abroad can be pursued taking up CA course. To begin your international career now, you can think counting CA as a lucrative option. Salary benefits and remuneration The average salary of a CA with three to five years of professional experience comes down to around 5 lakhs. However, those good in business or opting multiple earning pockets draw more than the stated average salary. To state an example, Rs.21.50 Lakhs p.a. was offered by Bharti Airtel to two CA Candidates for their New Delhi branch. The best perk about the profession of CA is, your salary only rises steep and there is no scope of looking back. Benefit of ICAI in India While for any other course, a tough decision is to pick the right college and its academic course. In case of CA in India, there is only one premium name ICAI whose low absorption rate from applicants definitely makes achieving it tough for your resume. Yet committed attempt can make you earn success in the ICAI CA course where to start your career you have their campus placement as the first opportunity. Lastly, the course fee of CA at ICAI is very affordable for all kinds of students. Articleship in CA course The CA course involves a three year job article ship that other courses do not. This allows the students to have direct contact with the professional world and also have an understanding about its proceedings. The basics that any CA student learns from the article ship span are – systematized auditing, detailed accounting, understanding business terminologies and transactions, work load and over pressure plus skilled communication.


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